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Drive Thru Truck Wash

Pros & Cons: Automated Drive Thru Truck Wash vs Gantry Style Wash


Gantry Style Wash Pros: A gantry-style wash takes up limited space due to its compact size. It does a decent job at cleaning a tractor and van trailer. It will always wash at the same speed, versus the variable rate of pressure washing. It will give you a consistent wash. Cons: Gantry washes have nearly 10 times the maintenance costs …

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Why do belt driven pumps last up to twenty times longer than direct driven pumps?


Why do commercial grade belt driven pumps outlast direct driven pumps?  Imagine the cost of buying a new pump once a year for a decade instead of buying a single machine that lasts.  The upfront investment, along with regular maintenance, will cost less money in the long run.  Let’s take a look at what makes belt driven pumps last so much longer. Belt driven pumps …

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Two Efficient Ways of 2-Step Mobile Fleet Washing


There are two very effective ways to quickly 2-step wash fleets as a mobile fleet washer.  First, you can utilize a 2-man team to work together to clean fleets.  You will need 2 pressure washers between 4-5 GPM and 2 people to effectively perform this activity.  The 1st washer will apply the #1 low pH soap from bottom to top …

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