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We have designed a complete line of aluminum brighteners for any application. We realize fleet owners have a wide range of concerns including superior performance, cost effectiveness, time and safety. Below you will find an aluminum brightener to meet your needs.

Click on the product name to view a short description. Several of our products have Tech Data Sheets available. If one is available, a link under the description will take you to a detailed tech data sheet in PDF format.


Relatively safe acidic aluminum brightener containing no Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric or Sulfuric acids. Although it can’t be diluted as much as our other aluminum brighteners, it does provide an alternative to the fleet owner looking to avoid many of the dangers and health hazards associated with typical brighteners.

Safety Brite Tech Data Sheet


An aggressive cleaner that whitens and brightens aluminum. Contains hydrofluoric acid.

AB-1 Tech Data Sheet


Multi-dilution aluminum brightener for truck rails, aluminum trailers and trailer floors. Powerful yet economical is the best way to describe Econo Bright.

Econo Bright Tech Data Sheet


A premium brightener that quickly restores aluminum to an attractive silver finish. Contains a blend of acids to effectively enhance the look of aluminum without leaving the surface chalky and white. Concentrated to be effective at higher dilutions then competitive products.

Quicksilver Tech Data Sheet

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