Why Your Fleet Needs An Automated Wash

It reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the vehicle
• Salt and other de-icing chemicals used on today’s roads are extremely corrosive.
• A clean truck also makes it easier to notice any issues like chafing hoses, cracks and other damage. If components and other parts are covered in a layer of grime, dirt, or road film, problems are much harder to spot.

It improves your company’s image and provides better advertising
• People trust a company that looks professional and clean! After planning, designing, and putting graphics on the truck, make sure people can clearly see it!  It makes a great impression on potential customers and suppliers and acts as a moving billboard.

It builds your drivers’ pride
• Drivers become easier to recruit and retain when they drive clean, well maintained trucks! They’re also more likely to take better care of a clean vehicle that they feel proud to drive.

It reduces labor costs
• An automated wash is faster and more efficient than paying an employee or an outside company to clean your fleet. Check out our ROI calculator here!

It can reduce DOT inspections and costly delays
• A truck that is clean and maintained on the outside is less likely to have a need to check inside.

Why Choose Hydro-Chem Systems For Your Wash?

We have extensive experience
• Hydro-Chem Systems has been in business for almost 50 years! Our success in the truck wash industry traces back to our proud corporate heritage. We started as a mobile fleet washer, and have owned and operated a successful commercial wash
We have many wash systems in place from the basic school bus wash to the extensive commercial, we’ve done them all.

Each wash is custom manufactured and tailored to the individual client’s desires
• Some clients want a very basic wash and others want all the bells and whistles – we understand that and tailor our wash to your needs
• We have designed unique washes for everything from flatbed trailers, van trailers, oil tankers, school buses to mining equipment, ag trailers, and municipal equipment.

Lowest Cost Per Wash
• We strive to achieve the lowest cost-per-wash possible while attaining the ultimate goal of a CLEAN vehicle. Our extensive experience within the wash industry combined with our state of the art detergents and technologies allow us to minimize the total cost of each wash and maximize your investment. Our goal is less than 3 minutes and for less than $5 per wash

Low Equipment Maintenance Costs
• We remove many of the unnecessary moving parts, reducing the chance of parts breaking down to wearing out quickly.|
• We use only the highest quality components to control the amount of wear and tear.

We manufacture and blend our own soaps and detergents
• By manufacturing both our equipment and soaps we know exactly how they work together to make sure you get the best wash at the best price.

What Are The Most Important Factors When Using An Automated Wash?

Water Quality
• Soft water is a must – whether it is naturally like that from the source or if it must be ‘made’ on site and used for blending the detergents, washing with hard water will force you to use a stronger soap at a higher concentration

Water Temperature
• Being able to use warm or hot water to apply soap will allow you to use less soap at a lower concentration and have a shorter dwell time. Cold water makes the detergent ‘work harder’ to get the same clean.

• Detergent choice must be tailored to the conditions of the wash, the vehicles, and what the client’s goal is – by having almost 50 years in the business, we can help you get the right soap in any situation.

• The ability to apply the soap evenly and thoroughly will allow for a proper clean. We oscillate our detergent manifolds so that an even distribution of soap is applied in every crevice on the vehicle, regardless of shape or size.

Dwell Time
• Once the detergents are applied to the surface, there needs to be a period of time that the soap sits on the vehicle to break down the road film and dirt. This is called ‘dwell time’. We consider the size of the wash and the size of the vehicle using it to make sure our soaps have a proper dwell time and are given time to work.

High Pressure Rinse
• By using different spinners at different angles, the high pressure rinse manifold is able to thoroughly rinse all surfaces of the vehicles including the sides, wheels, and chassis, leaving you with a great clean!

Want To Know Your Return? Check Out Your ROI With Our Calculator HERE!

Learn more about our automated washes in our Automated Fleet Wash Brochure.  You can also learn more about the Vortex Spinners we use in our automated washes.

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