Automatic Truck Wash

Automated Truck Wash Systems

Hydro-Chem Systems (HCS) prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality automated truck wash on the market.  Every truck wash is specifically designed to meet each individual client’s specific needs.  HCS has designed unique washes to clean flatbed trailers, van trailers, oil tankers, school buses, mining equipment, ag trailers, and municipal equipment.  Our number one concern for every truck wash we design is providing a wash that produces an extremely clean vehicle in the least amount of time and for the least amount of cost.  The wash also has to have the ability to be used constantly without high maintenance costs.  We control the maintenance costs in two ways.  First is by using only the highest quality components available, and second is by removing many of the unnecessary moving parts that tend to break down.  This allows for our clients to be able to concentrate on more important things, like making money.

There has been a growing importance for a quick and cost effective way to clean large vehicles for years, especially with the increasing use of aggressive ice melting chemicals that can quickly destroy a vehicle by corrosion.  Our automated truck washes are designed to clean most any vehicle in less than 3 minutes and for less than $5 per wash.   This will typically allow a fleet owner to lower both its consumable cost per wash and, more importantly, the cost of labor.  Your trucks will last longer and will require fewer repairs when they are being cleaned in a tenth of the time for a tenth of the cost.  These two facts more than cover the capital investment that is needed for a wash.  Not to mention that you will have the cleanest fleet of trucks driving down the road.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have extra money to spend on more important things?

Learn more about our automated washes in our Automated Fleet Wash Brochure.  You can also learn more about the Vortex Spinners we use in our automated washes.

Want to know your return? Check out your ROI with our calculator HERE!

There are key factors to properly cleaning a vehicle with an automated touchless truck wash.

  1. Water Quality
  2. Water Temperature
  3. Detergents
  4. Detergent Application
  5. Dwell Time
  6. High Pressure Rinse

The key to a clean vehicle is to use soft warm water to start with.  Once you have that as a foundation, high quality pre-soak and detergents are injected in the water at specific dilution ratios to ensure a proper clean is achieved.  The next step is applying the soap to the vehicle.  The most important part of applying soap is ensuring that all surfaces are thoroughly covered.  We oscillate our detergent manifolds so that an even distribution of soap is applied in every crevice on the vehicle.  Once the detergents are applied to the surface, there needs to be a period of time that breaks the road film and dirt down.  Once the soap has been allowed to dwell on the surface of the vehicle, there needs to be a method to removing the soap.  This is when we use a high pressure rinse.  Just as we did with the soap manifolds, we oscillate the high pressure rinse manifold to thoroughly clean all surfaces of the vehicle.  We use many different spinners at different angles to blast the bugs off of the vehicle’s front side and clean the  side, wheels, and chassis.  By addressing each factor, you ensure that you are properly touchlessly cleaning a vehicle.

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