How To Get Consistent Results With A Touchless Process

Producing results with a touchless wash system can be the same as solving a math problem with multiple variables. In our industry, balancing the formula means you get clean vehicles & equipment. On one side you have water quality, temperature, soap pressure, and vehicle conditions. These variables can & will change frequently based on seasons, weather, and location. On the ...Read More

How To Prepare Your Equipment For Winter

Winter is coming! It’s extremely important to make sure you NEVER let your pressure washer and attachments freeze if there is ANY water left in it. Water expands immensely when frozen! A windchill can drastically lower temperatures and water can freeze faster than you think! You create a windchill as you go down the highway and your system can freeze ...Read More

How Detergents React In Cooler Weather

With cooler and harsher weather conditions approaching, remember the following advice when cleaning fleets & heavy equipment; If you are using an acid, it will become more sluggish in the colder temperatures. Make sure to increase the strength that you are using so you are able to get the same effect on aluminum as that you get in summer. When ...Read More

What Is PSI, GPM, Upstream and Downstream?

Here at Hydro-Chem Systems we have the experience and knowledge to help you get that perfect clean. We know there are many industry terms used in casual conversation. On the off chance you weren't sure what they meant, here are a few basic explanations! PSI - PSI is pounds per square inch and describes how much water pressure per square ...Read More

Does 2-Step Work As Well As Foaming?

For maximum efficiency and consistent touchless & brushless results, a 2-Step detergent application using higher pressure soap application is ideal. Our 2-Step detergents combined with the high pressure of our 2-Step System helps to maximize soap pressure, increase the speed of application & rinsing while reducing dwell time between soaps (without drying). And after all, time is money and the ...Read More
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