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Bus Wash System

Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc  is emerging as the premier manufacturer of automated washes for mass transit buses, trolley buses, school buses, and more. Take a look at the before and after pictures below.  This was a bus that hadn’t been washed for several months prior to the start-up of their new automated bus wash system.

At this location, we installed our most basic system with a single detergent arch with our Intensified Rear Detergent Manifold and a Fixed Blast Bar with a Rear Blast Manifold. After just one wash, the results were tremendous. We were proud to help this school to achieve extraordinary results with a low initial investment.

Bus Before
Bus After
Bus Wash Rinse Arch
Bus Wash Side Sprayers

This bus wash is a variation on our touchless wash design with added brushes to enhance the clean. While some automated washes only have side brushes, most of our brush-design systems include a rear wrapping brush to enhance clean the hardest area to reach–the back!  Furthermore, our brushes are rotated hydraulically to avoid having electric motors in a wet environment. The hydraulic method also allows us to have total control over the speed to ensure you are getting the best possible clean.

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