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How Detergents React In Cooler Weather

With cooler and harsher weather conditions approaching, remember the following advice when cleaning fleets & heavy equipment; If you are using an acid, it will become more sluggish in the colder temperatures. Make sure to increase the strength that you are using so you are able to get the same effect on aluminum as that you get in summer. When ...Read More

What Is PSI, GPM, Upstream and Downstream?

Here at Hydro-Chem Systems we have the experience and knowledge to help you get that perfect clean. We know there are many industry terms used in casual conversation. On the off chance you weren't sure what they meant, here are a few basic explanations! PSI - PSI is pounds per square inch and describes how much water pressure per square ...Read More

How To Tell The Difference Between Polished Aluminum, Non-Polished Aluminum & Stainless Steel (And How To Wash Them)


* Polished aluminum is physically hand buffed and shined to a mirrored finish and has no protective coating. This means you must use POLISH-SAFE 2-step products & cleaners that are safe for use – this way you won’t whiten or dull the polished finish. * Non-polished aluminum has more of a satin-silver look and is “shiny” but not to the …

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5 Factors You Need To Know For A Consistent 2-Step Wash

For some of the newer guys to the fleet washing industry, we wanted to share some advice that will help you save a lot of money, time, and headaches while getting into this phenomenal industry. No matter the soaps you use, you will NEVER be 100% touchless all the time. There are 5 factors to learn and memorize when you ...Read More

Two Efficient Ways of 2-Step Mobile Fleet Washing


There are two very effective ways to quickly 2-step wash fleets as a mobile fleet washer.  First, you can utilize a 2-man team to work together to clean fleets.  You will need 2 pressure washers between 4-5 GPM and 2 people to effectively perform this activity.  The 1st washer will apply the #1 low pH soap from bottom to top …

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