Automatic Truck Wash

Commercial Truck Wash System

Hydro Chem Systems, Inc. is proud of its rapidly growing reputation as the premier automated truck wash systems manufacturer in the United States. From concept to completion HCS has the expertise and experience to tailor a commercial truck wash system to match a customer’s unique needs and specifications.

Building the right system is paramount. An incredible number of factors must be taken into consideration to construct the right commercial truck wash system for each customer. There is a lot of pre-planning involved, and all of our systems are designed with the client in mind; they are not “cookie cutter” clones for our convenience.

For a commercial truck wash to operate effectively, the proper utilities are needed for the wash bay. Water, electricity, gas, and drainage are just a few of the elements needing serious attention when designing a commercial truck wash. Some of the worst problems stem from shorting the wash bay of the necessary water, gas or electricity.

Does this all mean it isn’t worth the trouble or effort to purchase a commercial truck wash? The straightforward answer is NO! It simply means who you choose for the project must be as concerned about your needs as they are of their own.

We take great pride in the fact that over 95% of the customers we have built an  truck wash for continue to use our detergents and rely on our maintenance for their system. We think this speaks volumes about our efforts to achieve complete customer satisfaction through the quality and innovation of our equipment, superiority of our detergents, and the ongoing support for our customers.

Our goal is to achieve the lowest Cost-Per-Wash possible while attaining the ultimate goal of a clean vehicle. By minimizing the total cost of each wash, your return on investment is maximized. This philosophy is the foundation on which we operate, and the reason why you need to contact HCS when considering commercial truck wash equipment.

Please take a few moments to browse our website and view short clips and pictures of actual automated truck wash systems that Hydro-Chem Systems has designed.

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