Pressure Washer Trailer Package

Custom Built Trailer Packages

Are you looking for a powerful pressure washing system you can bring from location to location? Are you frustrated with the need to connect your mobile unit to an on-site water and/or electrical supply? Did you purchase a pre-built unit intended for a specific use that doesn’t quite fit your needs? Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. specializes in building customized pressure washer trailers. We can tailor it to your exact industry needs so that you’re wasting less water & soap and saving more money.

Our trailer packages support high-volume hot and cold pressure washers that require more water than a garden hose could provide, giving you access to high-pressure washing on the go. We build our trailer packages to be rugged and durable, so you can bring it anywhere in any climate. All of our trailer packages are D.O.T. compliant in the United States. Furthermore, we won’t leave you wondering how to operate your machine once we’ve delivered your custom built trailer package. Hydro-Chem Systems will walk through the process step by step, help you determine the best product for your needs, and then provide you with thorough, hands-on operational training along with your purchase.

Our custom-built trailer packages can be tailored to fit hundreds of applications and make your company look more professional and stand out above your competition. Don’t wait–start saving money with a custom solution by Hydro-Chem Systems today.

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