Pressure Washer Trailer Package


Are you looking to update your cleaning equipment? Perhaps you would like to start a business in the mobile fleet washing, commercial cleaning, or wheelie bin cleaning industry. Maybe you want to invest in an automated truck wash system. Hydro Chem Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in engineering, supplying and maintaining quality cleaning equipment. No matter the size of the project, HCS has the expertise and experience to design the right equipment for you.


Hydro-Chem Systems designs and installs automated truck wash systems. They can be stand-alone businesses, similar to a car wash, where people from other businesses bring their vehicles to be washed. Alternatively, our automated washes are great for schools, trucking companies, municipalities, agricultural businesses, and other industries with many large vehicles that need to be cleaned in-house on a regular basis.


We provide the equipment solutions to effectively and efficiently clean entire fleets. Do more with less–our 2-step touchless process uses less labor, less soap, and results in a fleet free of road-film, dirt, and debris. The paint on your trucks will be left with a glossy finish, your aluminum will be bright and shiny, and your trucks will turn heads on the highway.


We carry a wide selection of commercial and industrial strength pressure washers from the best brands available. We also manufacture specialized 2-step fleet cleaning equipment based on our own washing experience and expertise.


Pressure washer trailers are used in a wide variety of applications, and we custom build each trailer package to specifically meet your cleaning needs. They are often used for commercial cleaning, fleet washing, surface cleaning, and for a variety of other commercial and industrial cleaning needs.


The wheelie bin cleaning industry is a relatively new industry in the United States. It is already a profitable industry in Europe, and it has been rapidly gaining traction here. It’s a great industry to start your own business in, and Hydro-Chem Systems is ahead of the curve with years of experience and expertise in custom designing and crafting the most cost efficient wheelie bin cleaner in the industry today.

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