What is the Hydro-Chem System?

The system consists of a 2-step detergent application process with biodegradable and phosphate free solutions that are safe for you, the fleet you are cleaning, and the environment. The Hydro-Chem System will allow you the freedom to instantly switch your chemicals at the gun.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning


Unbelievable Cleaning

Because of our setup, you will be able to apply our 2-step detergent application process with HIGH PRESSURE while NOT going through the pump or coil. This allows you to easily peel unwanted grime, soil, soot, and bugs off the surface of the fleet with ease! You will ALWAYS have clean, fresh water on-demand while cleaning Fleet Equipment. 

Environmentally Friendly

By applying our 2-step cleaning process, the result will be near neutral waste water run-off while using biodegradable and phosphate free detergents – making it the MOST environmentally friendly way to clean your fleets today! 

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Why Should You Choose the Hydro-Chem System for Your Mobile Fleet Washing Business?

Our system is specifically designed to maximize the performance of our soaps for the mobile fleet washer.

Key Benefits:

  • Phenomenal results in comparison with your competitors
  • Simple to use and easily explained for training other employees
  • Easily adapts to most pressure washers
  • Well-built, tough, and durable
  • Minimize or eliminate time brushing and scrubbing
  • Washes more equipment in less time
  • Increases your profit margin.

Unlike similar systems on the market we do not require agreements or a certain level of soap purchasing to maintain your partnership with HCSOur company is 100% employee-owned and YOU are an extension of our family.

Contact us to revolutionize your mobile fleet washing business today and join our family! 

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