Mobile Fleet Washing

Pro-Control Remote System

Free yourself from dragging heavy remote hoses around and wasting time walking back to your pressure washer to change soaps or to turn the machine off. Almost every modern-day electronic comes with a remote–televisions, media players, stereo systems–but businesses still waste time manually changing the settings on their pressure washers. Use our Pro Control Remote System to switch between soaps without walking back to your machine. Utilizing a pressure washer remote control can offer much more than simple convenience. It provides greater safety, while also saving time, energy, and money.

By using this system with our HCS 2-step skid unit, mobile fleet washers can remotely control both the soap draw and the burner function, and can activate and deactivate the belt-driven pump. This lowers soap use, water consumption, and overall maintenance costs due to excessive wear and tear.

Our Pro Control Remote System is an investment purchase–but mobile fleet washers and trucking companies will see a return on that investment very quickly. The bottom line for any company is reducing costs. The Pro Control Remote System is an invaluable tool, saving you time, energy, and money.

Learn more on our Pro-Control Remote Soap System Brochure.

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