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Hydro-Chem Systems has developed specialty vehicle products to help in the removal of various soils which may be too tough for normal wash practices.

Click on the product name to view a short description of the product. A link under the description will take you to a detailed tech data sheet in PDF format.

We have a brochure about preventing corrosion and rust on your vehicles. Learn more about it in our Corrosion Prevention brochure.


A great cleaner designed to soften bugs and clean the vehicle. Usually pre-applied to hoods, grills, and wind dodgers. Wash away bugs with pressure washer, without the usual hard scrubbing. This product is slightly gelled to cling to the surface and not dry or evaporate before bugs are softened. Biodegradable.

Bug Soaker Tech Data Sheet


Alkaline detergent designed to be thinner than regular bug soaker for easier application thru sprayers. Provides added cleaning while softening bugs for easy removal. NOT safe on Polished aluminum.

Bug Soaker Thin Tech Data Sheet


Breaks water quickly for maximum water removal from the vehicle surface. Contains a patented siliconized carnauba wax to create a visible high-gloss appearance and protective coating. Inhibits grime and road film to make the vehicle easier to clean the next time. Contains a pleasant fragrant to enhance the user experience.

Hydro-Sheen Tech Data Sheet


Low pH Trailer Cleaner is a newly developed, low pH cleaner specifically designed to clean aluminum surfaces without “whitening” or “dulling” its appearance. Works great on new aluminum to help keep the satin shine and can be used on polished aluminum without diluting shine.

Low pH Trailer Cleaner Tech Data Sheet


Blend of acids that aggressively cleans soap film from vehicle wash bays and tunnels. Also used for cleaning algae and bottom film from boat hulls and pontoons. Contains NO Hydrofluoric acid.

Wash Tunnel Wall Cleaner Tech Data Sheet


An excellent low pH soap for wheel cleaning. Formulated without Hydrofluoric acid, Low pH Wheelwash is outstanding for automated car washes and detailing.

Low pH Wheel Wash


Prevent rust before it starts! Formulated to be the first line of defense in reducing oxidation, and preventing corrosion damage, commonly caused by salt and liquid chlorides. Neutralize the damaging effects of salt by incorporating HYDRO REDOX into your fleet wash program during the winter months. The cost effective solution to extend the life of your valuable assets!

Hydro Redox Tech Data Sheet


Protect your fleet from old man winter’s relentless attack. After each snow event, simply wash your vehicle then spray HYDRO OXI-SHIELD on and let air dry. Enhances the salt removal process of the wash, while leaving a corrosion resistant shield behind. Great for use with marine applications as well.

Hydro Oxi-Shield Tech Data Sheet


Extra strength formula for maximum protection against corrosion. Provides extended life protection when vehicles are subjected to salt or liquid chlorides multiple times between washes. Chemically advanced, Hydro Oxi-Shield Plus forms a shield that bonds corrosion inhibitors to the surface and reduces adhesion of corrosive liquid. Perfect for fleets when daily washing is just not possible!

Hydro Oxi-Shield Plus Tech Data Sheet

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