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No More Brushing!

First I would like to say thank you to Terry for listening and answering my questions. For three days on the phone we discussed everything until my wife said buy it!

Terry you are the meaning of customer service! When I had issues in the beginning you gave me your personal cell number to help me.

I’m proud to be using the hydro-chem 2 step gun and soaps. My guys were smiling after the first truck washed. No more brushing! Truly amazing!

Reggie Harrison
Carolina Mobile Car Care

Still amazed!

I have to say, your soaps still amaze me sometimes on how well they clean!!! 🙂


Train Before


Train After

Bonus clean train picture!

Clean Train


Scott Trafphagen
S&D Mobile Services, Inc.

Quality of the workmanship and professionalism is second to none

Gordon Food Service

To Dave Presley ,

I would like to commend you and your staff on the service that we receive from the HYDRO-CHEM SYSTEMS INC. This company is always willing to help out no matter what time of day or what their schedule is. The company is very knowledgeable and helpful with various soaps and cleaning chemicals they provide. This company is very understanding and passionate towards customers’ needs and wants. On multiple occasions, your service technicians have come out to our Brighton facility and answered our questions about the reclaim systems and instructed us on what was best for the system as a whole. Dave Presley has drawn repeated schematics down to the detail to help us make our reclaim system as efficient and cost effective as possible. Your service techs have come out and serviced the system with no cost to us ,just to ensure that we the customer are 100% satisfied and that we are important to them. HYDRO-CHEM SYSTEMS INC. always sticks by their warranty and will do whatever it takes to keep the system fully operational. The quality of the workmanship and professionalism is second to none with a genuine concern for their customers. Also offer a free preventative maintenance schedule for your reclaim wash system ensuring top performance of their product. Follow the guidelines and maintenance care of the system and the cost savings is huge and the wash system is very dependable. We would like to thank everyone at HYDRO-CHEM SYSTEMS INC. for your timely service and care and look forward to many years to come.



Fredrick St. John

Awesome Results

Badger Pressure Washing

Washed a couple trucks including this one last night.  Trucks haven’t been done in 4 years.  Used a 2-step from Hydro-Chem with awesome results.  The owner couldn’t believe they would come this clean or that I didn’t have to scrub.  Landed the account with a decently large fleet.

Brown Oil Co Truck

More than happy



We recently (June 2015) purchased some of your products. Specifically, the #1 Citric Pre-Soak and the Dynaclean & Bright.

Suffice it to say, we’ve have been more than happy with these products. We were given a demonstration of these products and based on that demonstration, ordered 55 gallons of each.

They arrived when promised, and have been performing as they were in the demonstration. The crew likes the fact that vehicle washing has become a simple, no brush process.

Scott Dykstra was very honest and upfront with all questions and answers. He was very informative and not at all pushy. Overall, a good representative.

In closing, I’d like to say you have a fine product and a good representative in Scott.

Matthew R. Niemi
Transportation Maintenance Supervisor
Statewide Signs
Operations Field Services Division
Bureau Of Field Services

Matthew R. Niemi

We’re all about Hydro-Chem Systems here at Sud n Clean Power Washing!

Suds-N-Clean's Shiny Truck

Here at Sud n Clean Power Washing, we have been fleet washing on Saturdays for about four years or so. We’ve tried several soaps, with limited success. However, for all of this year, I have been using Hydro-Chem Systems’ 2-Step soaps. We had to brush before, but now we rarely do. I highly recommend hydro-chem systems to anyone who fleet washes!

For those who want to keep reading, let me give an example of the product performance and customer service we have experienced. Recently, we let our inventory run out before reordering. It was impossible to get the new order in before the next wash. So I went to the local hardware store and bought their “Brushless Truck Wash” to substitute. Wow, what a HUGE difference! We had to brush everything! And in one specific instance involving a black Kenworth, we had to rewash and rebrush the hood. The brush marks and gray film refused to come off! I NEVER experienced that with my hydro-chem soaps! Ever!

Concerning customer service, The replacement soaps were shipped, but when received, part of the shipment was missing. I figured it was a $200 loss on my part. But my man Terry Craycraft II at hydro-chem systems worked with me to get my replacements at no cost to me! How cool is that! So yeah, we’re all about Hydro-Chem Systems here at Sud n Clean Power Washing! If you look close at the hood you’ll see the streaks from my substitute soap.

Ann Frost
Suds N Clean Power Washing

Soaps work with little to no effort


Hydro-Chem’s customer service is top notch. My Salesmen is Scott and he did an excellent job with seeing what my needs were and what challenges I was up against. Scott provided me products and met and exceeded my expectations, I have stainless steel tankers that are 10+ years old and after switching over to Scott’s recommendation my tankers looked better than brand new now! With how effective the soaps work with little to no effort, people actually enjoy washing equipment now because it is easy and they can see the difference it makes. I highly recommend to anyone to give it a try so you can see the difference.

Tom Hoten | Manufacturing and Distribution
Site Manager

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers
302 W Sectionline Rd, Ashley, MI 48806

Exemplary Performance!


Dear Mr. Presley:

We are pleased to provide this letter of reference and acknowledgement of Hydro Chem System’s exemplary support during the recent construction and startup of the automated vehicle wash system for the Lynchburg Public Works Department.

Although our bid documents were not proprietary, Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. was the only equipment provider that complied with our design specifications for this wash facility. Your personal attention and responsiveness in adapting your standard system configuration to the City requirements, including custom fabrication of the adjustable spray arches to accommodate the range of services within this facility demonstrated your commitment to meeting client expectations and set you apart from competing

The integration of your system with the City’s vehicle management system and base building components was also a complex challenge and your team worked closely with the general contractor to resolve startup “gremlins” in a cooperative and open manner.

We are very pleased with the final performance of this system and look forward to other opportunities to assist clients with similar requirements. We also appreciate your assistance in filming the facility training video and look forward to reviewing this footage in the coming weeks.

Thanks for all your efforts to make this a successful project for the City of Lynchburg.


Thomas L. Fitzgerald, P.E.
Vice-President/Project Manager

Thomas L Fitzgerald

Cold Water and No Brushing

Sud N Clean

Tried a new (for me) 2 step combination from Hydro-Chem Systems today. I think I got pretty good results, especially considering that I used 100% cold water & never had to brush! I needed something that could be Polished Aluminum safe. Yet, I can change just one chemical & be aggressive enough to keep the brush in the truck. Think this’ll do it!

Red Truck BeforeRed Truck After

Very knowledgeable and helpful

We really enjoy working with everyone at Hydro Chem.

Andres has been a pleasure to work with. We have had some warranty issues and he has handled everything quickly and efficiently to ensure we got the new parts. He always returns calls right away and is very helpful.
Andy is definitely the best parts guy! When we call him about new equipment he gets the info sent to us right away.  He’s very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us get what we need.
Thanks for posting this on your website.
Scott and Leslie
Thunder Pressure LLC
Scott & Leslie
Thunder Pressure LLC

Thank you for the great products!!

Cleaned Farm Tractor

Thank you Terry Craycraft II and Hydro-Chem systems for the great products!

Take a look at some before and after pictures here!

Don Wigginton
Fleet Pride

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