What Is A Trash Bin Cleaning System?

• While it can go by many different names (garbage can, wheelie bin, trash cart, etc) every trash can can get incredibly dirty and disgusting in a short period of time.
 A Trash Bin Cleaning System makes cleaning bins a breeze and allows you to enter a market that quite possibly has little to no competition near you.
• Our system picks up the bins, uses high pressure and hot water to clean the insides, and allows you to quickly pressure wash the outsides, leaving your customer’s bin clean and more sanitary. 

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Why Do Dirty Trash Bins Need To Be Cleaned?

  Dirty Trash Cans Can Pose Major Health Risks!
 system heats the water up to clean the wheelie bins and help eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful organisms like E. Coli, Salmonella, Baylisascaris & Listeria Leptospirosis. Bacteria is commonly transferred by rats & raccoon urine. People & pets can get infected when it comes in contact with skin, in the nose, mouth, throat, or eyes, or is swallowed. Dogs are especially at risk and may die from the disease.
  It’s common knowledge that you always clean dirty dishes in hot water because it loosens caked-on food and grease while killing bacteria. So why would anyone consider cleaning trash bins with cold water? Hydro-Chem System’s ultra-high-volume hot water cleaning system makes all the difference in the world.

Trash Bin - Before
Trash Bin - Before

Why Should I Start A Trash Bin Cleaning Business?

• “Wheelie Bin” Cleaning is very common and popular in the UK & Europe but until recently, was basically unheard of in the US & Canada. Because of this, the market is uncrowded and offers many opportunities.
• Nearly every home has at least one trash can but most have 2 or 3! And those cans aren’t going anywhere – this isn’t an untested product that follows a trend – houses will have garbage bins now and in the future.
• As people become more concerned with health and the environment, having a trash can cleaning business will place you right in the middle – you’ll be able to remove bacteria and pathogens from people’s homes and do it in an environmentally friendly, chemical free way.
• In addition to residential trash bins, often times municipalities will want their carts cleaned – this means steady income no matter what!

Why Should I Choose Hydro-Chem Systems For My Trash Can Cleaning Equipment?

  Eco-Friendly! Up to a 15 stage filtration system – all models come standard with at least 11 stage filtration.
  We do not use our trash cart hopper to hold all the unfiltered garbage and wastewater. There is a separate 270 gallon wastewater recovery tank and a separate 270 gallon supply tank.
  Multiple accessories available including: High-Speed Surface Cleaners (8”-60” wide), Soft Wash Systems, Wet Sandblast Extension Wands (up to 20’ long), Muck Scuppers, Turbo Nozzles for dumpster cleaning and graffiti removal, etc.
Manufactured in America with the highest quality components on the market!
 Free hands on training at our facility! No extra charge for trash cart cleaning, residential/commercial pressure washing, or fleet washing instruction and guidance.
Financing is available with approved credit – even for start-up companies. Plus no franchise or licensing fees!
Unmatched service after sale – technical support for life! Each order includes a 200 page marketing and contractor training guide.
 We do not believe in competing with our clients – we don’t offer our own cart cleaning service and we’ll even provide sales leads when they’re available!
You buy with confidence from an employee owned company that’s been in business for almost 50 years!

What Kind Of Performance Can I Expect With This System?

• For bins washed for the first time, cleaning takes about 30 seconds on average – compare that to 9-10 minutes with some other systems!
 Our high speed surface cleaner attachments can clean up to 200 sq ft in 1 minute! (Depending on size of surface cleaner)
 We have a true high-efficiency hot water diesel pressure washer with burners that fire up to 600,000 Btu! This can save you up to $1,600 a month! 

How Is The HCS System Safe For The Environment?

• Our environmentally friendly systems come with a minimum 11-stage waste water recovery and filtration system (up to 15 stage on higher level models). HCS systems are specially designed to recover up to 12 GPM and process over 8 GPM.
• By using our system, you’ll use hot water, steam, and pressure to kill germs and remove grime – not chemicals!
• You’ll help avoid fines from the government by not using chemicals and having a water recovery system!

• Most Walmart, Target, Lowe’s and Home Depot stores require pressure cleaning contractors to use only hot water or steam cleaners to remove dirt and chewing gum from walkways, and they mandate that no chemicals are to be used. In addition many expect full wastewater recovery.

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No Franchise or Licensing Fees! Financing Available!

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