Mobile Fleet Washing

Two-Step Cleaning Equipment

Our founder started Hydro-Chem Systems back in 1971 as a mobile fleet washer, so we understand how to provide the highest quality of wash while being extremely efficient. The HCS 2-step fleet washing skid unit will allow you to have the perfect setup to deliver a high quality of wash with low maintenance.

HCS 2-step fleet cleaning mobile skid unit

This unit boasts all of the characteristics and reliability that we have in our FWS 2-step stationary pressure washer, but this model is built as a mobile skid unit for mobile fleet washers. Available in both hot and cold water options, these specialized units are built specifically for 2-step fleet washing. The result is lower maintenance, greater efficiency and the highest amount of return on your investment.

HCS 2-Step Fleet Washing Equipment Features & Benefits

  • 4.0-5.0 GPM @ 2000 PSI pressure washer
  • Belt-driven CAT pump with clutch
  • Precise high pressure soap injection
  • Acid-resistant ½” stainless steel mini coil for the burner
  • Operating water temperature of 125°F
  • 110V/2500 watt generator for an extra power source and lower maintenance cost.
  • Pro-Control remote system ready

These unique features allow you to save 33% of your chemical expense through utilizing high pressure application of your soaps. Applying soap at high pressure allows you more cleaning power! You can apply the soap at 2000 PSI, rather than the 50 PSI of low pressure soap. The clutch disengages the pump and burner when you utilize our hand-held transmitter on/off switch, saving machine from excessive wear and tear. The combination of this unit with our 2-step soaps and remote system makes this the best “mousetrap” in the industry for fleet washing!

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