Trash Bin Cleaning Truck

Environmentally friendly 9 to 15 stage wastewater recycling system with easy cleaner hopper filters. Our system can also vacuum up wastewater from up to 100 feet away from the vehicle for dumpster cleaning, fleet washing, and concrete cleaning.

Cleans up to 50 carts per hour!

Before Cleaning

Trash Bin - Before

After Cleaning

Trash Bin - Before

Trash Bin Truck Features:

  • Custom truck-mounted system
  • Effectively clean cans that have not been cleaned in years
  • Semi-automatic system cleans, sanitizes & deodorizes trash cans with water up to 200°F
  • 360° rotating spray heads clean up to 500% better than the 2-3 nozzle cleaning head or 3-jet spray bar systems
  • Separate holding tank, not the rear hopper

All Trash Bin Cleaning Trucks come with:

  • (4) 1,000 micron 12” basket filters
  • (1) 50 & 20 micron high capacity string filters
  • (1) 5-micron filter
  • (3) Solid separation tanks

Choose the best Trash Bin Cleaning Series for your needs:

Feature Silver Series Platinum Series
Waste Water Recycling System 10-stage 11-stage
High Pressure Filters 1 2
Bin Grabbers/Lifters Single Dual

Optional equipment

  • 30” diameter vacuum recovery surface cleaner
  • 48” high speed surface cleaner
  • Custom Truck Side-Panels with Access Doors
  • Optional hoses with hose reels
  • Hose Reel Undercarriage Frame
  • Hydro-Clear Filters
  • Other options are available!

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