Elite fleet program

Does your fleet need a free automated wash system? You provide the commitment, we provide the equipment.

Our Elite Fleet Program allows your fleet to have an automated truck wash system without having high upfront costs. Our Elite Fleet has a single, standard design that was created for private fleets — not commercial washes.

Hear From A Current Program Member

You order a minimum amount of detergent for use in the wash (or make up the difference) and we’ll keep your fleet clean and the wash maintained.

  • Receive an automated vehicle wash system with little to no upfront cost.
  • Reduce your fleet’s maintenance, saving time and money.
  • Extend the life of your vehicles and reduce corrosion.
  • Lower your labor costs — automated washes do not require a person to run it.
  • Enhance your brand and image with a cleaner fleet.
  • Prevent any scratches from brushes by using touchless detergents.
  • Have near-neutral water run-off by using a 2 Step System (the touchless detergents).
  • Minimize equipment maintenance by using a wash that has fewer moving parts.
  • Have a dedicated, experienced account manager that monitors your detergent usage, dilutions, and who does regular tweaking to ensure you get the best and most consistent wash possible.
  • Use a detergent combination that is matched to your fleet’s needs — from polish safe to heavy-duty, we manufacture each one and know it works in our equipment.

Benefits Of Our Program

275 Gallons

Minimum Delivery Amount Per Tote


Detergent Cost Per Gallon


Detergent Cost Per Wash

Low Voltage

Controls + Solenoids

50 HP

Rinse Pump Horsepower

300 PSI

PSI of High Pressure Rinse

Rear Detergent

Application Intensified Included

Rear Blast Rinse


High Impingement

Nozzles Included

Wheel Spinners


Photo Eyes

How the Wash Senses Vehicles

Simple and innovative cleaning solutions to clean more in less time can be yours today.