Why is Rinse Pump Horsepower important?

The rinse pump is the heart of a great truck wash. A 50 hp stainless steel rinse pump is designed to clean the surface of large vehicles. A pump that size will clean using an approximated 200 gpm. This is like havingfifty 4 gpm pressure washers cleaning your vehicle at the same time. A larger rinse pump allows for the ability to clean much more effectively for large surface vehicles.

Why is the PSI of the Rinse Pump important?

PSI is of equal importance as gallons per minute. A great example is a garden hose that produces 4 gallons per minute at 50 psi compared to a pressure washer that takes the same volume and increases the pressure to 3,000 psi. The higher pressure will be much more effective at cleaning.

Why is the Rear Detergent Application important?

The rear of the vehicles is typically the dirtiest part, this where much of the road film and dirt accumulates and very rarely ever gets rinsed by rain. The best method to effectively remove this road film is by applying a stronger concentration of detergent to this specific region of the vehicle. We provide an intensified detergent application manifold that dispenses detergent focused specifically on the rear of the vehicle which is only activated when the back passes. This allows for lower overall detergent usage while still providing the clean that you expect.

Why is the Rear Blast Rinse important?

As previously mentioned, the rear of the vehicle is typically the dirtiest part. It is critical to give the same level of attention during the rinse portion of the wash that we did during the detergent application. We utilize a large air actuated valve to divert all of the rinse water to the back of the vehicle as it passes to create a higher pressure rear blast that cleans the area from the top down.

Why are High Impingement Nozzles important?

Since we utilize the larger pump to generate more volume and psi, we are able to use more effective rinse nozzles that deliver much higher impingement at greater distances. This is extremely important when you are trying to clean any part of the vehicle that is further than one foot from the nozzle (IE. Rims, Frame, Tractor, Irregular Shaped Trailers, etc..). Imagine placing your hand 1 foot from a pressure washer nozzle, compared to 3 feet from the nozzle. By using the high impingement nozzles we are able to clean both up close and farther away equally well. This will lead to a better clean of the wheels, frame, sides, rear and front of your vehicles.

Why are Wheel Spinners important?

Wheel spinners are designed to utilize zero-degree nozzles at a height consistent with truck and trailer tires. These spinners help throw high pressure water all the way into the rim and effectively clean those very hard to reach areas which normal high impingement nozzles just can’t reach.

Why are Photo Eye Sensors better than Limit Switch Sensors?

Limit switch sensors are universally the highest maintenance piece of equipment within a wash bay. Although other suppliers may use them, we choose to eliminate the down time associated with these sensors by removing them completely. We utilize a much higher quality and more reliable photo eye sensor that is considered standard within the vehicle washing industry. Our photo eyes typically require very little maintenance – meaning your wash will be open when you need it.