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Please take some time to look at our complete line of concrete truck cleaners. We have the product to meet the goals and objectives of any redi-mix fleet. Using advanced technology, we have researched and developed aggressive acid blends built with corrosion inhibitors to protect your investment, and non-acid cleaners for fleets looking for a safer alternative without sacrificing effectiveness.

Click on the link under the description to view a detailed tech data sheet in PDF format.


Aggressive acid cleaner effective in removing concrete slurry, splatter and residue from cement trucks, concrete handling equipment, forms and tools.

CTC Tech Data Sheet


Same aggressive acid cleaner as the original Cement Truck Cleaner with the addition of a rinse aid. Additional benefits are an added rust inhibitor and its ability to work as a release aid.

CTC w/Rinse Aid Tech Data Sheet


A concentrated alkaline cleaner that is used after acidic cement truck cleaners to neutralize the acid and leave a protective coating on the truck surface. Also reduces the redeposition of cement dust and road film between washings.


A unique formulation for the dissolving of materials. A low pH soap yet it contains NO organic or inorganic acids. Quick Sand has a relatively high viscosity so it clings to the surface with delayed drying to allow the product time to reverse the hardening of the cement. Excellent for use on forms, cement mixers and cement trucks when you are looking to protect your investment. Ships non-hazardous.

Quick Sand Tech Data Sheet

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