bug soaker before and after


Our Bug Soaker detergent softens and breaks down bug splatter, so they become easy to wash off. It also has a mildly-aggressive base to help start the cleaning process early. 

    • Designed to soften bugs

    • Available in safe-on-polish (SOP) and not safe-on-polish versions

    • Water-thin viscosity allows it to be easily drawn by dip tubes
    • Aggressive nature is tough on the dirtiest parts of the vehicle
    • Used through pump-up sprayer or air pump


      Applied separately
      Before Washing Process
      Short dwell time
      Easy to use

      Size Options

      275 Gallon Tote
      55 Gallon Drum
      5 Gallon Pail


      “All I can say is wow! I use Hydro-Chem products now and will never use any other brand of soap again! I’ve been washing trucks for 13 years and switching over to using HCS’s soaps has been the single best decision I’ve ever made without a doubt.”


      “Hydro-Chem is the best of the best. If you’re in the pressure washing business I highly recommend contacting or visiting their facility for all your chemical and equipment needs. Hydro-Chem sets the bar with their detergent solutions, you cannot find better cleaners at better prices anywhere.”

      –Scott Schumacher

      “We were nervous at first, but after our first dump truck we cleaned, my shoulders, body, and the scrub brush were grateful we took the time to call these guys. We have never been happier or more profitable.”

      –Ruben Paredes

      Excellent customer service! Their chemicals and their 2-step gun are the perfect combination for fleet washing. We couldn’t be happier with their products.

      Ron Mccain

      “Hydro-Chem has been very helpful since the first day we walked through their door. They are very knowledgeable about soap and seem to have whatever we need. I look forward to a long-term working relationship.

      –Soap Slingers Fleet Washing



      Before washing vehicle, it can be applied as the first step before washing

      Typically through pump up sprayer or air pump

      Speak with your detergent specialist for the best process for your specific situation

      Simple and innovative cleaning solutions that help you clean more in less time. Let our experts find the right solution for your fleet washing needs.