Polished aluminum is physically hand buffed and shined to a mirrored finish and has no protective coating. This means you must use POLISH-SAFE 2-step products & cleaners that are safe for use – this way you won’t whiten or dull the polished finish.

Non-polished aluminum has more of a satin-silver look and is “shiny” but not to the same mirrored finish as polished. Vehicles like this can use a variety of 2-Step products & cleaners from mild to aggressive, allowing you to maintain the fleet and leave the metal surfaces with a satin silver finish.

Dirty Truck

Stainless steel is much less likely to corrode and dissolve than aluminum and is often treated with a protective coating to preserve the finish. These types of fleets can often use stronger #2 alkaline soaps & degreasers, but are advised to use milder pre-soaks WITHOUT Hydrofluoric Acid. Stainless steel is more common in tankers that haul oil & petroleum and in food grade transportation.

Dirty Truck

We offer a variety of products to protect your fleet investment and maintain your company’s image and we have the knowledge and experience to create a customized solution for your wash needs based on your cleaning conditions, fleet, and other factors.

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