Producing results with a touchless wash system can be the same as solving a math problem with multiple variables. In our industry, balancing the formula means you get clean vehicles & equipment.

On one side you have water quality, temperature, soap pressure, and vehicle conditions. These variables can & will change frequently based on seasons, weather, and location.

On the other side you have the relative strength of your detergent blend, the concentration of the solution applied, and the dwell time before rinsing the soap off.

If you tip the scale in one direction with poor variables like hard water, colder temperatures, low pressure soap, or extremely dirty vehicle conditions, you must balance the formula with a stronger detergent blend, a higher concentration of solution applied, and more dwell time before rinsing.

If you are able to improve conditions with better water quality, warm water for washing, higher soap application pressure, or greater frequency of washes, you may then be able to achieve cleaner vehicles & equipment with a reduction in the blend of detergent or concentration of solution.

Our consultants work to analyze your factors and determine the exact blends of our many detergents to produce you the cleanest washes with the lowest ‘cost’ of chemical usage or physical time & labor.