Pressure Washer Trailer Package

Fleet Washing

If you are in–or looking to get into–the mobile fleet washing business, or if you are looking to upgrade your current setup, look no further. Hydro-Chem Systems can create a custom built trailer package to clean entire fleets and give them a professional appearance.

Hydro-Chem Systems custom builds fleet washing trailer packages using our innovative fleet washing industry expertise. These packages allow you to efficiently and effectively wash trucks, heavy equipment and anything that moves! We have the capability to design heavy-duty open or enclosed fleet washing trailer packages for any climate. All of our fleet washing trailer packages are DOT compliant. Your fleet washing consultant will walk through the process step by step, help you determine the best product for your needs, and then provide you with thorough, hands-on operational training along with your purchase.

These custom built units are built to minimize the amount of soap and water you use while you are washing. We can build these units to include our HCS-2 step skid units and our Pro-Control Remote System, allowing you to reduce labor costs and enable a single person to quickly and efficiently wash fleets.

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