How Detergents React In Cooler Weather


With cooler and harsher weather conditions approaching, remember the following advice when cleaning fleets & heavy equipment;

If you are using an acid, it will become more sluggish in the colder temperatures. Make sure to increase the strength that you are using so you are able to get the same effect on aluminum as that you get in summer.

When using a high pH alkaline detergent, you might find that you have to use it stronger because fleets and heavy equipment can be dirtier due to the inclement weather conditions than they are in summer.

Because the surfaces you are cleaning are much colder, using warm water around 100° – 130°F will clean more efficiently and use less soap when compared to cold water.

Make sure to knock off any mud, debris, or ice before applying your soaps onto the surface. Your soap will work much better when it can directly touch the surface of the equipment!

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