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For years Hydro-Chem Systems has been manufacturing detergent solutions for truck washing and lowering fleet maintenance costs. Because we are an innovative leader in the detergent solutions industry, we realized that we could manufacture a line of detergent solutions that would be in niche markets within the fleet and industrial industries.


A low pH organic salt to replace mineral and organic acids. Four to ten times more effective than citric and glycolic acid and two to three times more effective than Phosphoric acid when dissolving calcium carbonate. 71% the strength of Hydrochloric acid when dissolving calcium carbonate. Applications include concrete floors, concrete trucks & equipment, tile and grout cleaner, acid presoak, bay wall cleaner, boat hulls, food and dairy and burner coils.

Scale Remover Tech Data Sheet


This heavy duty parts washer detergent is a citrus based cleaning agent particularly effective in penetrating and cleaning hard to remove grease, oil, tar, and carbon based deposits. Super Clean Plus is an alkaline detergent with multiple components to help maintain enhanced oil and grease cleaning properties even at the end of the bath life. It contains ingredients to combat water hardness problems and includes an advanced defoamer to control foaming in the machine sump.


Natural citrus based cleaner that removes adhesives and glue residue. Ideal for decal removal, glues, and dried gum.

Glue Remover Tech Data Sheet

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