Parts Washers

Automatic Aqueous Parts Washers save money!

Automatic parts washers are to manufacturing and repair facilities what dishwashers are to commercial and home kitchens. Moreover, automatic parts washers offer an enhanced cleaning performance. With automatic parts washers, cleaning performance is improved through automation of the washing process using high pressure jets to scrub parts with an aqueous detergent solution. Rather than spending hours of time washing by hand, simply place parts inside the parts washer, turn on the machine and walk away. The parts washer does all the work. This leaves you and your employees free to work on other revenue producing jobs.

Labor savings is only one of the many benefits of an aqueous parts washer. Consider also the safety and health of your employees. If you currently use solvents in your cleaning application, your employees’ health might be at risk. A switch to the aqueous based cleaning solutions used with our parts washers will minimize the risks to your employees and save you money on costly worker compensation claims.

Cuda Parts Washers

Cuda automatic aqueous parts washers have provided a safe and timesaving cleaning solution for thousands of businesses for over 15 years. Here are some reasons why you should choose a Cuda Automatic Parts Washer.

  • Eliminates Harsh Solvents
  • Reduces Manual Labor
  • Money Saving Solution

Types of Parts Washers

Front Load Parts Washers

Cuda Front Load Parts Washers

Cuda front-load parts washers are completely automatic, solvent-free, and easy to use. You can think of them as industrial-sized dishwashers that will make cleaning parts over 5,000 lbs a breeze.

Cuda’s front-load parts washers are designed to have easy and comfortable to reach. Their layout also prevents soap and water from spilling out from the machine and on to your floor. More convenient features are the removable debris screen, automatic low-water shut off, disc oil skimmer, and convenient access to the sump. There are easy-to-reach controls for the oil skimmer, heater and wash-cycle timers and a turntable on/off switch.

Top Load Parts Washers

Cuda Top Loads Parts Washer

Small in size, but big in cleaning power

Cuda top-load parts washers are compact machines that use pressurized hot water and specialized industrial detergents with rust inhibitors to automatically clean parts up to 500 lbs.

Design and technology are at their best with the Cuda top-load automatic parts washers. Both Cuda top-load series feature a rotating turntable, automatic low-water shutoff protection, disc oil skimmer, caster wheels, steam venting, easy-lift lid with gas struts and debris prevention screens.
Four series are available in a variety of electrical configurations. Cuda top-load parts washers are ideal for any industry cleaning small-to medium-sized parts.