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Many fleets spend too much time on the sidelines waiting to get washed – or not getting washed at all. With Hydro-Chem Systems, you can minimize downtime and get your trucks back on the road faster and cleaner.

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Automated Truck Wash System

Use an automatic drive-thru system to clean your truck in minutes

Increase your wash speed when using a pressure washer

Options for touchless, brushing, degreasers, brighteners, and more

Prevent the Spread: Clean & Sanitize Vehicles in Minutes

A Faster, More Efficient Clean So You Can

Wash Your Fleet Faster

Limit Labor Needs

Extend Vehicle Lifespan

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Boost Driver Retention

Save $1000s on Maintenance Costs

Optimize Your Fleet's Schedule

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Protect Your Brand Image

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Improve Trailer Graphic Durability

Trusted By Thousands of Fleets Across the US and Canada

Client Case Studies

Salt Plow Truck Exiting a Wash

This Department of Public Works saved over $60k after installing a touchless automated wash system

Learn how one organization saved thousands of dollars in maintenance costs, significantly reduced downtime, and improved their fleet ROI with their investment in a 2-step automated wash system.

Cover page for Case Study that says "How Hydro-Chem Systems Repaired and Optimized Automated Wash Operations for Major Supercenter Fleet"

This Supercenter Fleet fixed and improved existing automated wash systems

Read how one organization had multiple unreliable wash systems that are now dependable and consistent with service and ongoing support from Hydro-Chem Systems.

A school bus exiting a wash

This School District reduced the time spent washing to less than 2 minutes a bus

Discover how this School Bus Fleet revolutionized their bus wash operations, saving time by washing 15x faster, enhancing the quality of the cleaning, and increasing the longevity of their vehicles.

Blogs & Education

Improve your fleet washing process and learn more by reading our blogs. Here are a few to start:

What Is 2-Step (Touchless) Washing?

A 2-Step truck washing process is one of the most effective and efficient ways to clean your fleet. It involves using a touchless or brushless technique to eliminate hard-to-remove dirt…

Fleet & Truck Washing Basics

Dealing with the old-school way of washing a fleet definitely has its struggles – drivers resisting the task, long and labor-intensive cleaning sessions, and inconsistent cleaning results..

Scheduling to Minimize Downtime

Downtime can be a significant challenge for most fleets, impacting productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. One area that often gets overlooked is fleet washing…

Start consistently cleaning your vehicles better than you thought possible.