Automated Truck Wash

Our automated truck washes are designed to clean most vehicles in less than 3 minutes and for less than $5 per wash.

Distributor Opportunities

Our distributors are extensions of the Hydro-Chem Systems family. We offer biodegradable & phosphate free detergent solutions that provide a high ROI for our distributors.

Mobile Fleet Washing

Find out how you can wash more equipment in less time!

Trash Cart Cleaners

Hydro-Chem Systems’ Eco-friendly trash can cleaning system is fast, effective & fuel efficient. Find out how you can clean up to 50 trash carts per hour!

Hydro-Chem Systems is an innovative provider for all of your truck washing, fleet maintenance, and industrial needs.  We custom manufacture automated truck wash systems, detergent solutions, pressure washers, and other specialty products to enhance your company’s image and reduce your maintenance costs.

We have been in the fleet washing industry since 1971 and we have experience in exactly what it takes to accomplish the highest quality clean at the best cost.  As a developer of unique detergent solutions, we provide industrial degreasers and floor soaps for manufacturing companies.  We additionally provide cement truck cleaners, asphalt release agents & cleaners, and much more.

We believe in earning your business and your trust, and we look forward to providing you the best cleaning equipment, soaps, and experience you’ll ever find.

Take a look at our Company Line Card for summaries of what we do.

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