Our History

Hydro-Chem Systems began in 1971 as a “one man, one machine” operation embracing the philosophy of providing low-cost, quality service to all of its customers.

As the company grew, it became a commercial truck wash business with customers coming to its location to have their vehicles and heavy equipment cleaned. To accomplish this service it became known as Hydro-Chem Truck Wash.

As the truck wash business expanded, some customers began to express an interest in purchasing the chemical cleaning supplies and washing equipment in order to wash and maintain their fleets when access to the truck wash was not readily available. To meet this demand Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. was formed.

In an effort to build on the principles of teamwork and to reward the employees of HCS, the company became employee owned in 2002. We are aware of the proud corporate heritage which traces itself back to over three decades of operation. We have phased out our participation in the mobile wash and truck wash businesses in order to devote attention to the needs of our customers.

Due to continued demand and growth, in 2017, Hydro-Chem Systems moved to a new building with over 50,000 square feet of space, an upgrade over twice in size from our former location.

before and after of a dump truck cleaned
hydro-chem office building

Our Story

Today, from our headquarters in West Michigan, we service thousands of customers throughout the United States. These customers include truck fleets, government agencies, schools, manufacturers, asphalt companies, commercial truck washes and mass transits. We attribute our success and continued growth to the quality of our products and service, but most importantly, to the quality of our people.

Our employees are just like everyone else. They have families and homes, they go to church and school, use lawnmowers and fishing rods. But in another sense, they are different. Everyday they set aside their individuality and become a team. A group of people who care for each other and together, work to achieve greater success through dedication to provide the best products and services available in the market, while building lasting and rewarding relationships with their customers. In reality, our customers are partners in a mutual endeavor to overcome the challenges and achieve the goals which are necessary for the success of their company. It is only through their success that we too realize ours.

hydro-chem employees

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