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Bird Flu is back in the US – are you taking steps to protect your farm?

Viruses such as HPAI and swine fever have the ability to devastate the industry, regardless of whether a facility is directly impacted by positive cases.

In a report from the USDA, it was shown that “disease events can impact related industries even if the disease has no direct effect.” This places a soaring demand on implementing superior protection measures. We depend on transportation vehicles and need them to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected against what could be an extremely expensive loss.

Transportation fleets that don’t follow a stringent cleaning process could play a direct role in furthering outbreaks, leading to trade restrictions and loss of income across all facilities. Proper biosecurity systems in place help prevent the spread of disease and shorten the length of time disease is spread.

With the return of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), it’s more important than ever to increase your biosecurity practices through fleet washing.

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We work hand in hand with you to make sure all your biosecurity needs are met. Drop us a line to see how we can help protect your business from avian influenza and other pathogens.

The Return of Bird Flu: Increasing Biosecurity through Fleet Washing

poultry farm biosecurity

In recent years, there have been significant challenges in containing the spread of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), commonly known as bird flu. The consequences of outbreaks have been devastating for the poultry industry, with millions of birds culled to curb the spread of the virus. However, the threat has evolved. HPAI now affects dairy herds across state lines, demanding swift and effective measures to safeguard farms.

In our ongoing effort to distribute vital information, we’ve collaborated with Feed & Grain to share additional insights and have also recorded a podcast to reach as many ears as possible.

Enhancing Biosecurity Protocols

Biosecurity wash systems are an effective solution for mitigating the spread of disease and since the 2014 HPAI outbreak, we’ve installed dozens of systems across numerous states. In these systems, all vehicles are covered completely, from the tops and sides to the undercarriage, using an EPA-approved sanitizer before being able to access the facility. From a full wash to a sanitizer only, our systems offer a comprehensive approach to vehicle sanitation, with each system capable of running over 150 cycles a day. 

A simple drawing of an example facility layout for a biosecurity truck wash.

Facility Layout and Biosecurity Measures

Learn how a well-planned facility layout can significantly enhance biosecurity. This blog covers the critical structural and operational measures needed to protect your livestock and property from disease, including traffic control, and one-way systems to mitigate contamination risks. Check out detailed layouts and guidelines to implement effective biosecurity practices in your operations. Read more in our blog on Biosecurity Facility Layouts.

A group of white broiler chickens with title text: "The Return of Bird Flu: Increasing Biosecurity through Fleet Washing"

Bird Flu and Fleet Wshing

During the early stages of  this bird flu outbreak, this 2022 blog explores the critical need for stringent biosecurity measures in the poultry industry. It emphasizes the role of automated fleet washing systems in preventing disease transmission. Learn about the essential steps for cleaning and disinfecting transportation vehicles to protect against highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). Stay informed on how to enhance biosecurity practices to safeguard your flocks and facilities. Read more in our detailed post on The Return of Bird Flu and Fleet Washing.

Increase the protection for your farm and fleet and reduce the threat of transmissible diseases

Here’s how you can reduce the threat of transmissible diseases including highly pathogenic avian influzena (bird flu), swine flu, and other biosecurity issues.

Our fleet biosecurity system will thoroughly clean the undercarriage, wheels, chassis, tractor and trailer of the vehicles and then thoroughly apply a sanitizer to the sides and undercarriage of the vehicle. A typical full wash costs approximately $5.00 -$10.00 and a sanitary wash costs less than $2.00. Our sanitizer is registered and has been used in our automated agricultural wash systems for years.

All parts of the truck are covered with sanitizer including the undercarriage and rear.

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truck wash spray wash

Client Case Studies

Salt Plow Truck Exiting a Wash

This Department of Public Works saved over $60k after installing a touchless automated wash system

Learn how one organization saved thousands of dollars in maintenance costs, significantly reduced downtime, and improved their fleet ROI with their investment in a 2-step automated wash system.

Cover page for Case Study that says "How Hydro-Chem Systems Repaired and Optimized Automated Wash Operations for Major Supercenter Fleet"

This Supercenter Fleet fixed and improved existing automated wash systems

Read how one organization had multiple unreliable wash systems that are now dependable and consistent with service and ongoing support from Hydro-Chem Systems.

A school bus exiting a wash

This School District reduced the time spent washing to less than 2 minutes a bus

Discover how this School Bus Fleet revolutionized their bus wash operations, saving time by washing 15x faster, enhancing the quality of the cleaning, and increasing the longevity of their vehicles.


“All I can say is wow! I use Hydro-Chem products now and will never use any other brand of soap again! I’ve been washing trucks for 13 years and switching over to using HCS’s soaps has been the single best decision I’ve ever made without a doubt.”



“Hydro-Chem is the best of the best. If you’re in the pressure washing business I highly recommend contacting or visiting their facility for all your chemical and equipment needs. Hydro-Chem sets the bar with their detergent solutions, you cannot find better cleaners at better prices anywhere.”

–Scott Schumacher


“We were nervous at first but my shoulders, body, and scrub brush were grateful we took the time to call these guys. We have never been happier or more profitable.”

–Ruben Paredes


“Excellent customer service! Their chemicals and 2-step gun are the perfect combination for fleet washing. We couldn’t be happier with their products.”

Ron Mccain


“Hydro-Chem has been very helpful since the first day we walked through their door. They are very knowledgeable about soap and seem to have whatever we need. I look forward to a long-term working relationship.”

–Soap Slingers Fleet Washing


“The Hydro-Chem team is the best you will find. We worked with them to design, install, set up, and bring our new school bus wash system online. The wash system performs as promised and the support since the install has been over the top.”

–Troy Bearman


“From the design phase, installation phase to the setup phase we couldn’t have been more satisfied! Everyone working with us was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure we were satisfied. Our 2-step drive-through system has already begun to show its positive effects in just two weeks and the soaps we used with our 2-step system work like magic!”

–Daren Nunn

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