Commercial Truck Wash System

If your goal is to start a new business by opening an automated truck wash to the public…

Our goal is to provide you the best commercial vehicle wash equipment available so you can increase profits with the lowest cost per wash. By minimizing the total cost of each wash, your return on investment is maximized.

This philosophy is the foundation on which we operate, and the reason why you need to contact HCS when considering installing automated truck wash equipment.

How does it work?

semi truck exiting truck wash clean
semi truck entering truck wash

Common Questions

1. What Is Needed For A Commercial Truck Wash?

A number of factors must be taken into consideration to construct the right commercial truck wash system for each customer. There is a lot of pre-planning involved, and all of our wash systems are designed with the client in mind; they are not “cookie cutter” clones for our convenience.

2. Do Utilities Really Matter For A Commercial Truck Wash?

For a commercial truck wash to operate effectively, the proper utilities are needed for the truck wash bay. Water, electricity, gas, and drainage are just a few of the elements needing serious attention when designing a commercial truck wash.

3. What Is The Minimum Acreage Needed For A Commercial Truck Wash?

In order to be successful and have a ‘good flow’ for the incoming and exiting trucks, we recommend at minimum of 3 acres (perhaps 2.5 if it is perfect) but a more reasonable size would be 4-5 acres.

4. How Long Does A Commercial Wash Bay Need To Be?

Because commercial truck washes provide a fully thorough clean, there needs to be room for all the wash equipment and enough length to provide proper dwell time on the truck between each step. At minimum the truck wash bay needs to be 150 feet long, though we do recommend a length of 200 feet (or more). We have experience with many different wash bay sizes and are able to help you plan a new truck wash building design to have the most efficient and profitable drive thru truck wash business.

6. Can A Simple, Basic Truck Wash Still Be Successful?

Realistically, most commercial truck washes open to the public have all the bells and whistles! Customers expect commercial truck washes want to have all the options and the ability to get a great clean. It will be up to you on how detailed your truck wash will be but most washes allow for different options and ‘add ons’ for each individual customer’s wash. Sometimes this includes a ‘stop for detail’ area and typically includes dryers (blowers).

7. Is It Worth The Trouble & Effort To Build A Commercial Vehicle Wash?

The straightforward answer is “YES!” It simply means who you choose for your project must be practical, experienced, and understanding of your wants and needs. It’s important to partner with an experienced company and to start with a proper business plan for your truck wash.

8. Why Is Hydro-Chem Systems The Best Choice For A Commercial Wash?

We take great pride in the fact that with all of the truck washes we have built, over 95% of the customers continue to use our fleet washing detergents and rely on our maintenance and service for their system.

We think this speaks volumes about our efforts to achieve complete customer satisfaction through the quality and innovation of our equipment, superiority of our detergents, and the ongoing support for our customers.


“All I can say is WOW, that’s incredible! Yes, I am using them now and will never use any other brand of soap again! Out of the 13 years I’ve been washing Trucks, switching over to using HCS’s soaps has been the single best decision I’ve ever made without a doubt. Me and my guys call Step 1 David & Step 2 Copperfield because it’s like magic.”

—Austin, Mobile Fleet Customer


“Hydrochem is the best of the best. If your in the pressure wash business I highly recommend contacting or visiting Hydrochem’s facility for all your chemical and equipment needs. They are an employee owned company with a passion for providing their customers with top notch service and quality products. Hydrochem sets the bar with with their detergent solutions, you cannot find better cleaners at better prices anywhere. Take my advice team up with Hydrochem for your pressure wash needs and make your livelihood easier.”

—Scott Schumacher


“We have been extremely happy and extremely more profitable. We were nervous at first, but after our first dump truck we cleaned, my shoulders, and body and the scrub brush were grateful we took the time to call these guys. Thank you so much Gabe. It’s a little investment towards a more profitable future guys.”

—Ruben Paredes


Excellent customer service the chemicals and their 2 step gun are perfect combination for fleet washing couldn’t be happier with this products

Ron Mccain


Have been very helpful since the first day we walked through the door. Very knowledgable about soap and seem to have whatever we need. Looking forward to a long term working relationship.


Simple and innovative cleaning solutions to clean more in less time can be yours today.