Private Fleet Wash Systems

Our Private Fleet Wash Systems provide a low cost-per-wash while reaching the ultimate goal of a clean vehicle.

Whether your goal is a simple, basic system or a more detailed wash, we can customize our wash equipment to fit your needs.

We are the manufacturer of the equipment and detergents – we work hard to provide the best solution for your specific situation.

Common Questions

Why Does Your Fleet Need An Automated Truck Wash?

It reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the vehicle.

  • Salt and other de-icing chemicals used on today’s roads are extremely corrosive.

  • A clean truck also makes it easier to notice any issues like chafing hoses, cracks and other damage. If components and other parts are covered in a layer of grime, dirt, or road film, problems are much harder to spot.

People trust a company that looks professional and clean.

  • It improves your company’s image and provides better advertising.

  • After planning, designing, and putting graphics on the truck, make sure people can clearly see it!  It makes a great impression on potential customers and suppliers and acts as a moving billboard.

Drivers become easier to recruit and retain when they drive clean, well maintained trucks.

  • It helps build your drivers’ pride

  • They’re also more likely to take better care of a clean vehicle that they feel proud to drive.

It reduces labor costs

  • An automated truck wash system is faster and more efficient than paying an employee or an outside company to clean your fleet.

It can reduce DOT inspections and prevent costly delays

  • A truck that is clean and maintained on the outside is less likely to have a need to check inside.

This Department of Public Works saved over $60k after installing a touchless automated wash system

Here’s how one organization cut down their maintenance costs, significantly reduced downtime, and improved their fleet maintenance ROI with their investment in a 2-step automated wash system.

Get the full case study to find out how an automated wash system from Hydro-Chem Systems saved this Michigan Department of Public Works thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

This School reduced the time spent washing to less than 2 minutes a bus

Discover how this School Bus Fleet revolutionized their bus wash operations, saving time, enhancing the quality of the cleaning, and increasing the longevity of their fleet.

Get the full case study to learn how an automated wash system and quality chemicals from Hydro-Chem Systems transformed their maintenance process, ensuring thorough cleaning and reducing the risk of rust and corrosion.


“All I can say is wow! I use Hydro-Chem products now and will never use any other brand of soap again! I’ve been washing trucks for 13 years and switching over to using HCS’s soaps has been the single best decision I’ve ever made without a doubt.”



“Hydro-Chem is the best of the best. If you’re in the pressure washing business I highly recommend contacting or visiting their facility for all your chemical and equipment needs. Hydro-Chem sets the bar with their detergent solutions, you cannot find better cleaners at better prices anywhere.”

–Scott Schumacher


“We were nervous at first but my shoulders, body, and scrub brush were grateful we took the time to call these guys. We have never been happier or more profitable.”

–Ruben Paredes


“Excellent customer service! Their chemicals and 2-step gun are the perfect combination for fleet washing. We couldn’t be happier with their products.”

Ron Mccain


“Hydro-Chem has been very helpful since the first day we walked through their door. They are very knowledgeable about soap and seem to have whatever we need. I look forward to a long-term working relationship.”

–Soap Slingers Fleet Washing


“The Hydro-Chem team is the best you will find. We worked with them to design, install, set up, and bring our new school bus wash system online. The wash system performs as promised and the support since the install has been over the top.”

Troy Bearman


“From the design phase, installation phase to the setup phase we couldn’t have been more satisfied! Everyone working with us was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure we were satisfied. Our 2-step drive-through system has already begun to show its positive effects in just two weeks and the soaps we used with our 2-step system work like magic!”

Daren Nunn

Simple and innovative cleaning solutions to wash more in less time can be yours today.