Specialty Fleet Products

Hydro-Chem Systems has developed specialty vehicle products to help in the removal of various soils which may be too tough for normal wash practices.

From Bug Removal, Water Repellent (similar to spray wax), to Corrosion Inhibition, we have a product for all your cleaning needs.

Click on the product name to view a short description of the product. A link under the description will take you to a detailed tech data sheet in PDF format.

We have a brochure about preventing corrosion and rust on your vehicles. Learn more about it in our Corrosion Prevention brochure.


  • Safe on polished aluminum & painted surfaces

  • Designed to soften bugs

  • Usually pre-applied before washing

  • Gelled to cling to the surface with increase dwell time

  • Allow to dwell for best results

  • Used through pump-up sprayer or low pressure spray

  • Not safe on polished aluminum

  • Designed to soften bugs

  • Usually pre-applied before washing

  • Water thin viscosity to be easily drawn by dip tubes

  • Has a mild detergent base to work more quickly and effectively

  • Used through pump-up sprayer or air pump

  • Acts similar to a spray wax

  • EXTREMELY concentrated – a little goes a long way

  • Clear coat safe

  • Promotes spot-free drying

  • Adds a visible high-gloss appearance and protective coating

  • Use through a pressure washer, in a pump up sprayer, in the final rinse

  • Can be blended in alkaline soaps to provide an additional rinse aid

  • Works well in automated car washes and detailing

  • Brightens aluminum without whitening it

  • Removes weld smut

  • Excellent at brake dust removal

  • Can be used through a pump up sprayer

  • Can improve protection against salt and chlorides over regular wash soaps

  • Works as a salt neutralizer

  • Can be applied through a pressure washer, pump-up spray, or bucket and brush

  • Used in a reverse 2 Step – Used as the 2nd Step following an alkaline soap

  • Improves protection against salt and chlorides

  • Neutralizing existing salt and helps reduce future adhesion

  • Has corrosion inhibitors that bond to metal, creating a ‘shield’

  • Extends protection for vehicles between washes

  • Applied through low pressure / low volume