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Vehicle washing is an industry in which Hydro Chem Systems excels. It is the foundation upon which we’ve built our company and the industry which will anchor us as we look into the future. As a custom detergent manufacturer, HCS continuously strives to provide superior products at reasonable prices by utilizing state of the art surfactants and technologies while improving efficiencies in production. Whether you are looking for the best two-step soaps available or looking to reduce your cost-per-wash using touchless wash technology, HCS has spent the time and resources to be the only supplier you need.

Learn more by looking at our 2-Step Touchless Fleet Cleaning Brochure!

Pre-Soak Soaps


Utilizes a state of the art chemistry to deliver superior cleaning without dulling polished aluminum. EVERSHINE raises the bar for cleaning fleets with highly reflective surfaces. Blended with an excellent surfactant package to start the removal of road film earlier for enhanced cleaning. Ships non-hazardous!

Evershine Tech Data Sheet


A low pH pre-soak to be used as Step 1 in a two-step wash program. Citric Pre-Soak helps break the bond of road film and is safe on polished aluminum. Biodegradable.

#1 Citric Pre-Soak Tech Data Sheet


Same great formula as #1 Citric Pre-Soak with added cleaning power to help remove road film and to brighten aluminum. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

#1 Citric Pre-Soak Special Tech Data Sheet


An aggressive pre-soak for fleets that are looking to avoid products containing acids such as Hydrofluoric, Sulfuric, Phosphoric, and Hydrochloric. Formulated with the latest chemical technology, this soap provides excellent cleaning on painted surfaces and will clean aluminum when paired with a 2nd step detergent like Dynaclean & Bright. Ships non-hazardous!

Blue Fusion Tech Data Sheet


Formulated with the same advanced chemistry as Blue Fusion but with an enhanced foam profile. Higher performance when used with foaming applicators.

Blue Fusion Xtreme Tech Data Sheet


M-37 Pre-Soak is a low pH presoak that revolutionizes the fleet cleaning industry. It is our most chemically advanced presoak that cleans and brightens aluminum without the hazards of hydrofluoric acid. The ability of M-37 Pre-Soak to start breaking down the oils, grease, and carbon based soils is unique in a touchless 2-step wash process. This allows for the 2nd step detergent to not work as hard. M-37 Pre-Soak is very versatile and can be paired up with multiple HCS detergents.

Tech Data Sheet


An aggressive blend of acids to remove road film and brighten aluminum. Formulated with foaming agents for maximum foam when applied with a foaming applicator. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

#1 Pro Bright Tech Data Sheet


The original low pH 1st step that led the way for all others. An aggressive 1st step in the two-step wash process. Helps to brighten and whiten aluminum. Does not generate a strong odor. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

#1 Tech Data Sheet


An aggressive blend of acids formulated to promote maximum cleaning. Leaves a like-new appearance on aluminum rails, wheels, and tanks. Highly effective at removing road film. Will help to prevent the buildup of oxidation on paint with regular washing. A great aluminum brightener when used in stronger concentration. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

#1 Fleet Prep Tech Data Sheet

Alkaline 2nd-Step Soaps


A concentrated mild alkaline cleaner that is safe on most surfaces, including polished aluminum. Made from an innovative blend of builders and surfactants. Excellent One-Step cleaner. Biodegradable.

Showcase Tech Data Sheet


A fully compounded, biodegradable vehicle washing concentrate. It provides high flash foam which has outstanding stability in the presence of greasy oils. Contains no inert fillers. Biodegradable.

Pro-Wash Tech Data Sheet


Developed through the culmination of intensive research into the technology of detergent chemistry. A moderately alkaline product that works well in cold or hard water. Delivers outstanding performance despite a reduced level of caustic to be less corrosive. Moderate easy rinsing.

Real E-Z Tech Data Sheet


An aggressive vehicle cleaner formulated with an innovative alkaline builder systems that enables it to work in conditions where most soaps won’t work. Outstanding performance in cold or hot water. Enhances cleaning by softening the water and improving soil dispersion while lowering soil redeposition tendencies. Also available with a patented siliconized carnauba wax. Moderate foaming and easy rinsibility.

Film Fighter Tech Data Sheet


An aggressive alkaline cleaner that obtains excellent removal of road film, diesel smoke trails, and oils. Low-foaming with easy rinsibility. Pair with #1 Fleet Prep to brighten your fleet while leaving a glossy finish.

Fleet Brite Tech Data Sheet


An extremely aggressive vehicle cleaner formulated with corrosion inhibitors. Highly concentrated to penetrate and remove the toughest road film. Low-foaming and easy rinsing. Works great with #1 Fleet Prep for ultimate cleaning performance and perfect with #1 Citric Pre-Soak or Blue Fusion for fleet owners looking to avoid aggressive acids without sacrificing wash quality.

Dynaclean & Bright Tech Data Sheet

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