Aluminum Brighteners for Truck Washing

Hydro-Chem Systems has a premium aluminum brightener for truck washing as well as low pH presoaks that mildly brighten while they clean, for different types of applications.

What is an Aluminum Brightener?

It is a special liquid that is highly concentrated and often contains hydrofluoric acid or ammonium bifluoride which specifically targets the cleaning and brightening of non-polished aluminum surfaces.

Why use an Aluminum Brightener for truck washing?

As the name suggests, aluminum brightener brightens aluminum. It does this by removing the faded layer that builds up over time. Simply put, the reason you use an aluminum brightener is to restore heavily oxidized or pitted aluminum surfaces on fleets and heavy equipment. It must be used with care, but its ability to quickly clean and brighten while remaining very cost effective is the reason so many fleets turn to it.

If you are looking for some aluminum brightening without it being the main focus, our low pH presoaks such as #1 Fleet Prep and Supersonic Presoak will brighten when being used in a 2 Step Washing Process.

How to use an truck wash Aluminum Brightener safely?

An aluminum brightener should be applied ONLY on the non-polished aluminum or painted surfaces that you want to clean and brighten. It has to be used following the manufacturer’s instructions because when used incorrectly it can harm surfaces including etching glass or removing the shine on polished aluminum.

After the application, you rinse thoroughly, which results in the aluminum surface being brightened, with a silver-satin looking finish.  Aluminum brighteners may sound intense but when you’re working with Hydro-Chem Systems, we will educate you on their proper use to ensure the protection of yourself, your workers, and the fleet.

Hydro-Chem Systems Aluminum Brighteners


A premium brightener that quickly restores aluminum to an attractive silver finish. Contacts a blend of acids to effectively enhance the look of aluminum without leaving the surface chalky and white. Concentrated to be effective at higher dilutions than competitive products for maximum cost-effectiveness. Use as directed, including proper PPE (personal protective equipment).