Bus Wash System

Hydro-Chem Systems is the premier bus wash equipment manufacturer of automated bus wash systems designed for mass transit buses, trolley buses, school buses, and more.

​We prefer to use our touchless cleaning technology when designing an automated bus wash system for school bus fleets. The typical brush system often cannot clean a vehicle without moving the mirrors or potentially leaving areas unwashed. In addition, a brush system can even result in needing additional physical labor to finish the job. An HCS automated bus wash system will clean the entire bus in less than 90 seconds.

Bus Wash System rendering

Explanation of above rendering:

We design school bus wash systems to vary water pressure in specific areas. We use lower pressure on the windows to prevent any leaks and increase the pressure for areas that need more pressure to get a better clean, including the sides and the tires.

HCS also utilizes an undercarriage wash to keep the underside free of corrosive contaminates and ultimately extend the life of the vehicle. The undercarriage wash allows for easier maintenance on the bus by helping to prevent rust and decay to the parts under your buses

Hydro-Chem Systems customizes every bus wash system

For transit buses, school buses, or trolley buses. Whether it is an automated brush wash, touchless wash, or an automatic hybrid fleet wash system, our bus washing equipment is built to deliver trouble-free performance for many years.

A hybrid bus wash system offers a transit fleet the best of both worlds. Brushes are very effective on the flat side of a bus and reduce the cost-per-wash, but are less effective in the wheels, as well as the front and rear of the bus.

Our unique design, along with superior engineering, combines touchless technology for these areas, as well as automated brushes for the flat sides. Every wash system is carefully designed to eliminate labor and maximize the return on investment. With the HCS wash you can clean your transit vehicle in less than 90 seconds.


“All I can say is wow! I use Hydro-Chem products now and will never use any other brand of soap again! I’ve been washing trucks for 13 years and switching over to using HCS’s soaps has been the single best decision I’ve ever made without a doubt.”



“Hydro-Chem is the best of the best. If you’re in the pressure washing business I highly recommend contacting or visiting their facility for all your chemical and equipment needs. Hydro-Chem sets the bar with their detergent solutions, you cannot find better cleaners at better prices anywhere.”

—Scott Schumacher


“We were nervous at first but my shoulders, body, and scrub brush were grateful we took the time to call these guys. We have never been happier or more profitable.”

—Ruben Paredes


“Excellent customer service! Their chemicals and 2-step gun are the perfect combination for fleet washing. We couldn’t be happier with their products.”

Ron Mccain


“Hydro-Chem has been very helpful since the first day we walked through their door. They are very knowledgeable about soap and seem to have whatever we need. I look forward to a long-term working relationship.”

—Soap Slingers Fleet Washing


“The Hydro-Chem team is the best you will find. We worked with them to design, install, set up, and bring our new school bus wash system online. The wash system performs as promised and the support since the install has been over the top.”

—Troy Bearman


“From the design phase, installation phase to the setup phase we couldn’t have been more satisfied! Everyone working with us was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure we were satisfied. Our 2-step drive-through system has already begun to show its positive effects in just two weeks and the soaps we used with our 2-step system work like magic!”

—Daren Nunn

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