Asphalt Release Agents, Extraction Solvents & Cleaners

Developed over a year of extensive research, our line of asphalt release agents & cleaners/extraction solvents have revolutionized the industry.

We have effectively eliminated the need for environmentally unfriendly solvents, petroleum distillates and soy based asphalt release agents which strip the oil from the aggregate.

Hydro-Chem Systems water based asphalt release agent is more economical and 100% biodegradable. Designed for, and endorsed by a major asphalt roller manufacturer, our water based asphalt release agent is effective in preventing the new superpave mixes from adhering to pneumatic tire rollers and truck beds.

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Asphalt Release Agents

Asphalt XL-71 is a high flash extraction solvent for bituminous extraction testing in vacuum extraction and centrifuge equipment. A safe, effective alternative to chlorinated solvents, it is approved by or meets the product specifications for states requiring high flash solvents. Also works quickly and effectively to clean asphalt equipment. Safer than methylene chloride and trichloroethylene.  ONLY APPROVED FOR EXTRACTION IN MICHIGAN. CAN BE USED FOR CLEANING ONLY IN OTHER STATES.


Hydro-Chem’s Black Ice is a low-odor, water-based release agent which is an ideal alternative to diesel fuel and other hydrocarbons. Black Ice was specifically developed for use with polymer modified asphalts as well as conventional hot mix asphalts. Other uses include truck bed release, tools, and manhole covers. Ships non-corrosive, 100% soluble with water, and is water-based. AVAILABLE IN MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, INDIANA.


Perhaps the most scientifically engineered water-based asphalt release agent on the market today. Designed at the request of a major roller manufacturer, Extreme Release is unmatched in its ability to prevent pneumatic tire rollers from picking up the asphalt mat. When Extreme Release comes in contact with the reactive carboxylic acid groups that are found in asphalt, it creates a non-stick barrier between the asphalt and the surface. The surfactant coating also changes the “work of adhesion” preventing the asphalt from sticking to the truck bed or roller. Extreme Release is a low-odor, water-soluble release agent. It has no flash point and is stable from 25°- 140°F. It’s specifically developed for use with polymer modified asphalts.  AVAILABLE IN MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, INDIANA.