Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc has added a revolutionary bio-reclaim system to handle wastewater to solidify HCS as THE source for fleet washing systems. In some areas the use of water is a big concern and that’s where wastewater reclaim comes in.

While there are many types of reclaim systems out there, we believe that a biological system that cleans the water naturally is superior. A biological wastewater reclaim system eliminates odor, soap, waxes, and grease from the water naturally with aerobic bacteria. You do not have to be biologist, chemist or scientist to understand how the system works. Simply put, let nature do its work, a bio-reclaim system merely creates the environment to speed up the process.

We have 3000 GPH unit at an automatic bus wash facility. They needed a closed-loop system because they did not have city utilities for discharging of the water. Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc was able to design and install an automated bus wash system complete with a wastewater reclaim system.