Here at Hydro-Chem Systems we have the experience and knowledge to help you get that perfect clean. We know there are many industry terms used in casual conversation. On the off chance you weren’t sure what they meant, here are a few basic explanations!

  • PSI – PSI is pounds per square inch and describes how much water pressure per square inch the unit delivers to the surface being cleaned. PSI is important to break the bond between dirt or grime and the surface. Some bonds are much more difficult to break than others and a higher PSI assists in removing greases and oils.

    That said, most applications rarely need more than 3,000 PSI. Today, most wash professionals are opting for units or nozzle sizes with 2,000-3,000 PSI and a much higher GPM. This is because the bond of the dirt & grime being cleaned can be broken from most surfaces fairly easily using “bond breaking” touchless soaps.
  • GPM – GPM is gallons per minute. The GPM is the volume or amount of water being applied to the surface being cleaned. This is also referred to as the “flow rate”.
  • The GPM of the washer is critical to the time it takes to clean a surface, more volume allows you to quickly remove debris and dirt. With a sufficient PSI for bond breaking, a washer with a higher GPM will take far less time to clean than a lower GPM unit. And time is money!

Aggressive cleaners can cause increased corrosion and wear & tear on your pressure washer pump. Because of this, we recommend multiple methods for applying detergents using your pressure washer.

  • Upstream – More mild detergents can be injected before the pump to add to the effectiveness of the clean.
  • Downstream – More aggressive detergents can be injected after the pump to extend the life of your pump.

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