With the south already extremely hot and summer on its way, it’s important to be aware how the heat can impact your fleet washing detergents. Below are some factors to keep in-mind while fleet or heavy equipment washing;

A rise in the surface temperature of the equipment you are washing will cause your detergents to react faster than normal and increase the risk of drying.

  • To help minimize the speed at which the soap drys on the surface, we recommend using inlet water temperatures or possibly cold water while washing.
  • You can and should wash the truck or equipment in stages to prevent drying, do NOT try to wash the entire thing at once as you risk the first part being dry before you get back to it.
  • When possible, wash your fleets in the early mornings or later in the day when outside temperatures are cooler.

And of course, while you’re outside in the heat, ALWAYS to keep yourself and your team hydrated with water!

If you have further questions on this subject or about fleet washing, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

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